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Are you looking to rent studio space for your classes? - dance, fitness, yoga, ballet, ballroom. LOOK NO MORE!

We also offer space for rehearsals, performances, showcases and presentations, events and photo / video shoots. Bigger and smaller spaces are also available - 24/7.

As a newly open studio we have some evening hours still open at $50/h for studio size 20 by 40’ (800 sq feet) and 16 by 40'. Audio system and AC included.

Call us at: 646-666-0869. Email:

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Performance, Rehearsal, Special Event, Class, Audition, Photo Shoot, Video/Film Shoot, Screening, Reading, Meeting, Exhibition, Studio Art
Disciplines Dance, Music, Theatre, Film, Visual Art
Restrictions On Use -


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Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Contact us through our website:

Hours Of Operation We are open 10 am to 11pm seven days a week. Other times need to be per-scheduled.
Rental Policy A representative of Renter must read and sign this rental contract and convey the policies to all people who will be using the studio. Exact use of the studio must be fully explained to Adelante Studios before space can be occupied. All renters must check in with Adelante Studios Representative prior to using the studio. Please note the following rental limitations: • We reserve the right to move your event/class to same size or bigger studio. • Live music requires additional agreement. • Serving / selling alcohol requires additional permission and license. • Water, rosin, or other foreign substances on the floor will incur additional charges. • If using hot burners only professional catering is allowed. • Please stay within the rented space. If you move to or use another room for any purpose or overstay you rental time additional rental fees will be applied automatically for any open 30 minutes time period. • If you expecting large number of guests consider renting the lobby area or waiting space area 30-60 minutes before the event. In the situation of multiple concurrent events, we will not be able to accommodate your guests. In such situation no guests will be admitted until actual rental time begins. Please inform your guests when your event begins. • Rental times must include setup and breakdown. Renter may not access the space before rental time, and must vacate the space immediately at the end of the individual rental period. No extra time is given neither before nor after your scheduled rental. We will automatically charge your CC for each half hour beyond your rental time. For example: if you rented until 5 pm and you stay until 5:10pm half an hour charge will be added and charged to your CC. • All spaces must be cleared, broken down including tables and chairs, and returned to the way they were originally found at the end of your contracted rental period. • Your cleanup fee will be doubled if the space is not returned to original condition. In addition, any damage to Adelante Studios equipment or facilities will be charged to the Renter. • Storage is extremely limited and will incur an extra charge based on length and size of storage. Management does not bear any responsibility for any items left behind, including those stored by permission. • Adelante Studios in not liable for any injuries sustained on the premises. • Adelante Studios in not responsible for any personal property brought to or left on the premises. • Adelante Studios is a smoke-free environment. Your rental charge will be automatically doubled if any guest is encountered smoking. • Adelante Studios Staff is allowed to participate in any classes held at Adelante Studios’ Facility free of charge as long as number of participant does not exceeds number of persons allowed in the studio rented.
Cancellation Policy EVENTS: Renter can cancel the event for up to 30 days before the Event for 100% rental credit, with the exception of events that fall on the most ‘in demand’ dates such as New Years Eve, Christmas Day, Valentine Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other major events dates. * For cancellation 30 days before event: 100% credit towards future bookings * For cancellation 15 days before event: 75%% credit towards future bookings * For cancellation 7 days before event: 50%% credit towards future bookings * For cancellation less than 7 days before event: no refund or credit CLASSES: All changes in recurring classes schedule need to be made not later then the last 10 days of the current month. Your CC will be charged during the last 7 days of the month for the next month. Once the charge is made no refunds are to be issued, only Studios credit toward future bookings. Classes require 48 hours cancellation notice for 100% credit. Please email your cancellation request to No credit will be issued for class cancellation received less then 48 hours before the class. We respect emergency situations - so please talk to us.
Open to last minute space requests. -
Booking Requirements Deposit
Rental Personnel On site manager, Call for addtl rental personnel
Performance Personnel -
Payment Types Cash, Check, Credit card
Options Cross-promotion opportunities
Other Allowed Activities -

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 7500.0 sqft
Space Features Air-conditioned, Heated, Mirrors, Raw, Convertable space - smaler and bigger spaces avaialble
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi
Flooring Wood, Sprung wood, Sprung unknown
Stage Configuration -
Stage Dimensions -
Seating capacity 300
Seating Flexible seating

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent, Natural lighting/windows
Furniture Chairs, Tables
Amenities -
Instruments and Accessories -
Audio Equipment Sound system, Microphone, Amplifier
Video/Film Equipment Digital projector, We have photo shoot space and photo equipment available. Contact us for specifics or check out
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment Photography, We have photo shoot space and photo equipment available. Contact us for specifics or check out

Accessibility Accessibility_active EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Street parking, Paid garage/lot parking, Loading dock
Accessibility Elevator, Patron restrooms, Freight elevator
Audience Services Vending machines, Restrooms, Lobby
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $1,200 - - -
Rehearsal $36-$40 - - -
Special Event $1,200 - - -
Class $36-$40 - - -
Audition $36-$40 - - -
Photo Shoot $36 - - -
Video/Film Shoot $36-$40 - - -
Screening $36-$40 - - -
Reading $36-$40 - - -
Meeting $36-$40 - - -
Exhibition $36-$40 - - -
Studio Art - - - -

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Performance $1,080 - - -
Rehearsal $32-$36 - - -
Special Event $1,080 - - -
Class $32-$36 - - -
Audition $32-$36 - - -
Photo Shoot $32 - - -
Video/Film Shoot $32-$36 - - -
Screening $32-$36 - - -
Reading $32-$36 - - -
Meeting $32-$36 - - -
Exhibition $32-$36 - - -
Studio Art - - - -

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