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Spaces @ 520 - Bruce Mitchell Room Reviews

  • Oct 21, 2015

    (This review was written for A.R.T./NY’s 520 8th Avenue location as a whole, and is posted on each of their listings.)

    ART/NY 520 8th Ave IS accessible! It is the same subway stop as Pearl Studios. There are revolving doors and doors to pull open at the entrance. None are automatic. The doorman will check your license and wheelchair users can enter through the wider gate on the side instead of the turnstyle entrance.

    The space is on the third floor, there are 5 elevators on the left hand side of the building that go to that floor. The entire floor is accessible, but with only 1 private, accessible bathroom.

    The staff is very friendly, there’s a large board with the rooms and their occupants for the day when you first exit the elevator onto the third floor.

    Most of the rooms have braille under the room number or letter, next to the door.

    There’s a nice small kitchen area with a microwave and other appliances. This is a favorite space to rehearse!

    Accessibility_active This review was written by a disabled artist.

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