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  • Oct 21, 2015

    (This review was written for Pearl Studios as a whole and is posted on each listing.)

    Pearl Studios at 500 8th ave IS accessible! Getting there you can take the 123 or ACE trains to Penn Station, 34th St and that station is almost always accessible, i.e. the elevators are all almost always working.

    When you get to the space, the entrance does not have automatic doors, but they are easy to maneuver. There’s a doorman to take your license or name and info for security purposes. There are 2 elevators that go to the Pearl Studios floors, on 4 and 12. The Studios are clean and well lit. All of the doorways are wide enough for a standard wheelchair and large enough to be comfortable (depending on how many people are in the room, of course!).

    There is a private, handicap accessible bathroom on the 12th floor of 500 8th Ave, but not on the 4th floor. I don’t believe there are any accessible bathrooms on the 4th floor. But the elevators are quick and usually there isn’t a line for the handicap accessible bathroom on the 12th floor.

    The staff is helpful and welcoming, there are computers available for your use, although they are meant for standing only, not sitting. There’s also a printer and some snacks and coffee/hot water. Lots of buses come by this area if you aren’t a subway user.

    Accessibility_active This review was written by a disabled artist.

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