The Mainstage at Joria Productions Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2011

    I did the 4 hour performance package for $175. What a great deal! They are really generous with the lighting equipment included in the price, and it’s real theatrical lighting instruments that you can focus and gel. What a refreshing change from the usual track lighting! I also really appreciated that the space has 3 exits-it gave me a lot of blocking choices-once again not typical of the smaller venues. Just a couple of things to bear in mind, 4 hours means in and out in 4 hours so be prepared. I booked an additonal hour for set up at $20 (still a good deal.) And they don’t have tons of reception area so I planned on opening my house at half-hour which worked great.

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  • May 30, 2014

    Wow! It was a great deal and provided an intimate environment for my production. My show was packed and the audience was very sociable and laid back in the nice Bohemian vibe of the place. A space that you can make it your own. Hassle free staff, quibbling over money. It is what it is and you make the best with it for a great price. It’s all about the work anyway… I will be doing my next workshop production there.

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  • Dec 9, 2013

    Awful- we booked 6 weeks ahead of time -paid in full. 30 minutes before we entered the space we were told they had double booked in with another group and our party of 25 (and a film crew) was out of luck. Oh they made a half hearted try to find us a space elsewhere (we had booked from 5-10 pm) and found us a space from 9-10 (with no offer of a refund or an apology). We cancelled our event. I will NEVER BOOK THERE AGAIN. NO APOLOGY WAS GIVENI HAD TO CONTACT MY CREDIT CARD TO GET A REFUND AS JORIA DID NOT OFFER ONE. The cost was enormous to us – and we had booked 6 weeks in advance!!!

    Response from space manager: If this happened to me I would be tremendously upset. And you are right, it was completely our fault. Two people with the same first name, and very similar last names requested the performance space, on the same date, at the exact same time. One of our staff inadvertently merged the records—creating the perfect storm! In our 40 years of operation this has never occurred before, and believe me, we are taking steps to make sure it never happens again!

    Since you weren’t present at the time, you didn’t see the wild scramble that ensued when we realized our error. We called multiple area studios trying to find one that met your technical requirements (which included special lighting for your film shoot.) We found one that had what you needed and that was willing to extend their hours to give you the 5 hour block of time you required. I was in the process of giving my credit card to pay for your booking in full (we had already initiated a full refund to you from our credit card company) when your representative informed me that your group would prefer to cancel instead of going with a late start.

    Once again, we appreciate how disruptive this kind of mistake is, and will make every effort to keep this from occurring again.

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