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  • Oct 23, 2015

    (This review was written for Mark Morrice Dance Group’s spaces as a whole, and is posted on each listing.)

    Where does one begin when analyzing Mark Morris Dance Group under the critical lens? The first thing that must be considered is the commuting possibilities to get to the venue. Luckily, there are many options and multiple ways to comfortably commute to the venue. There are multiple trains (B, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, C, G, D, M, N, R), Buses (B41, B45, B67, B38 and B52), LIRR (Atlantic Terminal) and multiple car routes if one insists on driving. While there are multiple ways to get to the center, the one thing I would like to stress is to constantly make sure the elevators are functioning for the trains and LIRR. The main reason being that if the elevators are not functioning, then a patron with disabilities could be stranded on the platform and would have no choice but to return home or be extracted by emergency officials from an area that already faces high pedestrian traffic daily.

    The center is roughly three blocks away from train and LIRR access and the building is very wheelchair accessible. When you enter the building, there is an elevator on your right hand side, which allows for easy access to all the floors within the building. Additionally, there are six studio spaces and one performance space. While, these spaces where designed for dancing classes and rehearsals, a director can definitely be innovative and utilize the space for theatrical expression.

    Lastly, the restrooms are also ADA accessible. Therefore, one whether disabled or not, can feel comfortable and at home within the space. There really isn’t a critique that I can offer within this review. Mark Morris Dance Group was started as a safe haven for the families in the Brooklyn area to go to and develop a creative outlet. In the end, the space can definitely be utilized for disabled theatrical artists and they would definitely be adding to the multiple benefits of utilizing a space like MMDG.

    Accessibility_active This review was written by a disabled artist.

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