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Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Audio Recording, Exhibition, Studio Art, Meeting, Reading, Screening, Video/Film Shoot, Photo Shoot, Audition, Class, Special Event, Rehearsal, Performance
Disciplines Dance, Film
Restrictions On Use I, the undersigned, agree to the rental terms and conditions for usage of Bengal studio Inc. studio space outlined in this rental contract. Rental warrants and represents that it is able and hereby assumes full responsibility for the care and safe keeping of all property brought into the premises and for any injury to person or damage to property occurring as a result of Renter’s use of the studio. Renter agrees to indemnity and hold harmless Bengal studio Inc. against any claims arising out of or relating to this agreement. To pay the hourly rate associated with my rental purpose, 24 hours in advanced, to notify the operation Manager no less than 76 hours in advance of cancellation. Renters understands that doors to the building are never to be left open under any Circumstances. ** If renter is the last person to leave the studio, everything must be closed and locked upon leaving. All Lights must be turned off. Renter agrees to take good care of the studio, and upon completion of rental shall restore the studio to its condition prior to the Renter’s entry. Renter agrees to be responsible for any damages caused to the studio by Renter, its agents and employees and report finding the space in an unsatisfactory to If additional cleaning or repair is required as a result of the renter use the studio, Bengal studio Inc. will invoice the Renter for related cost. All personal must vacate the building immediately after rental period and should not arrive prior to the beginning of their rehearsal. Wax, rosin, powder, water, tape or any other substance may not be applied to the floor. Any equipment must be moved with care so the floor is not scratched or damaged. Bengal studio Inc is a smoke free facility, There is no smoking allowed inside the studio. Most important, Bengal studio Inc will keep some photos and videos for future portfolio which will add in website, brochure and magazine. The renter will limit the number of people on the premises to 18 unless other agreements have been made with studio management.



Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book


Hours Of Operation 24/7
Rental Policy -
Cancellation Policy 24 hours before, fully refund
Open to last minute space requests. -
Booking Requirements Deposit, Full payment, Membership
Rental Personnel On site manager
Performance Personnel -
Payment Types Cash, Check, Credit card
Options -
Other Allowed Activities -

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 300.0 sqft
Space Features Column-free, Air-conditioned, Heated, Mirrors, Wings/backstage space, Raw, Uninterrupted wall space, details below.
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi, Live streaming, 24/7 accesses to the studio, Flexible Scheduling. Convenient location for the shoot. Canon 70 D Camera, lenses ( Rokinon 35 Cine lenses, 50 MM, 300MM). Tripods. Studio light 300w, 300w, 600 LED, Europium Light Bulb . 300 square feet, Ceiling Height is 20 feet. The stage area is 16 feet wide, and 18 feet deep with an additional 18 feet of shooting room to the back wall. Large windows provide with external daylight. There is a large center room skylight with a sliding blackout curtain. Wardrobe Rack, Green Screen Backdrop. C Stand with arm. Light Stands, 5/20 Foot Ladders. Hair and Makeup Area. High ceiling and Open space. Iron and a Steamer. Clothes rack and closets. Couch, Tools, Tables, and chairs. Projector, with screen and 60 inch TV access. The Internet including Wi-Fi access. Central heating and air conditioning. Copier/Fax . Restroom included. Ample street and metered parking. Powerful surround-sound five-speaker stereo system. Clean bathrooms for men and women. Refrigerator, unlimited bottled fresh water, and soda.
Flooring Carpet
Stage Configuration Platform stage, Flexible stage
Stage Dimensions 20 ft x 30 ft with 30 ft ceiling
Seating capacity 20
Seating Flexible seating, Extra tools

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent, Natural lighting/windows, Light board
Furniture Chairs, Floor mats, Tables, Ladder
Amenities Dressing rooms, Green room, Private restroom
Instruments and Accessories -
Audio Equipment Sound system, Microphone, MP3/auxiliary input, 1)Zoom H6 Bundle Highly deployable, easy to use and durable audio package with all accessories included, for far reaching audio recording and clear and precise sound engeneering. Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Bundle. -Direct recording to SD cards up to 128GB -Gain knobs, pads, and phantom power for each input -Newly redesigned preamps with an ultra-low noise floor, up to 24-bit/96kHz audio in wav or MP3 format -Multichannel USB Audio interface -Includes: owners manual, SD card (32GB & 2 GB), Shotgun capsule, XYH-6 X/Y capsule, MSH-6 MS capsule, AA size battery x4, USB cable, sponge windscreen, and a case 2) Full Shotgun mount to record all audio needs, in proximity and distance for professional film recording. Boom op wears mixer pouch all buttons plus inputs and outputs accessible. All cords and coiled XLR cables included, Headphones, Internally coiled Ktek boompole, Lyre Shock Mount, Condenser Shotgun Mic requires fresh AA.
Video/Film Equipment Digital projector, Projection screen, Green screen, TV/monitor, Editing stations, Lumix GH4 4K Camera Canon DSLR Cameras 2x Canon 70 D Camera, lenses ( Rokinon 35 Cine lenses, 50 MM, 300MM. Wide 35-100mm, Macro and Telephoto lens). Audio Equipment: Shotgun condenser, Shotgun Mount, Deluxe Windshield, 2 Xlr cables, Boom pole, Microphone, Grip Zoom Audio H6 Studio light 300w, 300w, 600 LED, Europium Light Bulb. Tungsten Lights Lights Tripod Manfrotto Tripod Monitor Lilliput Sandisk Memory cards Parallax HDMI Cable Rigpad Stabilizer Slider Metabones Camera Bag Projector
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment Photography

Accessibility EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Street parking, Valet parking, Paid garage/lot parking
Accessibility Lobby and house
Audience Services Restrooms
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording - $150 $600 $2,200
Exhibition $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Studio Art $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Meeting $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Reading $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Screening $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Video/Film Shoot $45 $250 $1,200 $3,000
Photo Shoot $45 $200 $500 $2,000
Audition $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Class $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Special Event $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Rehearsal $30 $150 $600 $2,200
Performance $30 $150 $600 $2,200

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Audio Recording - $150 $600 $2,200
Exhibition - $150 $600 $2,200
Studio Art - $150 $600 $2,200
Meeting - $150 $600 $2,200
Reading - $150 $600 $2,200
Screening - $150 $600 $2,200
Video/Film Shoot - $250 $1,200 $3,000
Photo Shoot - $200 $500 $2,000
Audition - $150 $600 $2,200
Class - $150 $600 $2,200
Special Event - $150 $600 $2,200
Rehearsal - $150 $600 $2,200
Performance - $150 $600 $2,200

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