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AS Ballet New York Ltd AKA (American Swiss Ballet)

AS (American-Swiss) Ballet New York LtdEditEdit Description

Our space has great natural light. It has black marley floors, barres, and large mirrors. This space is perfect for dance rehearsals, theater rehearsals, private lessons, and classes or various dance styles. Electric Piano in room. Stereo in room. It is a warm space! 8 LED Stage Lights, 3 Stage raisers H 16”, L 8’ & W 3’ and 1 4’ x 4’, H 16” & 32”: $10 additional pro hour.
Studio dimension: H 10’, W 22’ X L32’.
Availability: 40 Chais $10 additional pro hour

Space Usage EditEdit Space Usage

Permitted Uses Meeting, Screening, Video/Film Shoot, Performance, Rehearsal, Special Event, Class, Audition, Photo Shoot, Reading
Disciplines Dance, Theatre, Film
Restrictions On Use No Food in studio.


COLORED BLOCKS = NOT AVAILABLE Click on open time blocks to create a space request.
Space requests must be at least 2 days in advance.
Rental must be for at least 30 minutes

Booking Policies EditEdit Booking Policies

How To Book

Email, Phone call

Hours Of Operation 9am-11pm.
Rental Policy 1) LIABILITY INSURANCE Licensee is responsible for getting insurance and will be required to show proof of insurance before entering the space. Licensee may not hold Licensor liable for any accident in the premises. RAST may include Licensee in insurance policy for an extra free. 2) INSURANCE Licensee is required to provide workmen’s comp or any other type of labor related insurance. .40 (cents) per ticket will be charged to cover volunteer accident and general insurance to cover patrons in the building. Licensee may purchase other insurance to cover equipment or personnel. A) DISPUTED TRANSACTIONS. Licensee is to reimburse Licensor for any and all expenses incurred by Licensor as a result of any disputed debit or credit card transactions associated with the production. Licensor shall provide Licensee with a copy of any supporting documentation of said expenses promptly after receipt of the same from the Ticketing Service Provider. 3) CONDITIONS OF THE STUDIOS Licensee agrees to accept studio/s As Is to exercise reasonable care in use of the premises and all the fixtures and equipment. Licensee shall not make any changes/alterations or deface any part of the studio or the premises, risers, stages, drapes, curtains and chairs are not to be moved at anytime without written permission from Licensor. Curtains, decorations or set pieces may be removed at Licensor’s discretion before “moving” day. Licensor reserves the right to remodel, paint make changes or improve the theatre in any form it sees fit without prior notification. The lighting plot may also change without prior notice. A) LIGHTING GRID All the lights must be tried out by Licensee in its original lighting grid before moving them. If any of the lights or dimmer packs gets damaged after moving or using them Licensee will have to replace or fix them by the end of the rental period. Any light units moved from lighting grid must be returned to its original position at the end of the rental period. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of no minimum of $200. Extra charges may apply. B) CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Licensor shall maintain in good, clean and orderly and sanitary condition and shall repair, as required at Licensor’s sole discretion, the public portions of the studios complex, and discard any rubbish from the studios, lobbies, and public lavatories. If any additional removal or cartage of rubbish is required or if a sanitary violation is issued as a result of the moving, removing, storing, carting or disposal of Licensee’s scenery, costumes, props, lighting, or stage equipment all expenses will be cover at Licensee’s sole cost and expense. Lights, air conditioning, and electrical appliances are to be turned off, doors and windows closed and locked before leaving the studio. Any expenses associated with equipments, air conditioners, lights being left on, broken or stolen due to carelessness or negligence by Licensee will be fixed or replace at Licensee’s expense. Any additional extraordinary maintenance and/or repair work performed by Licensor as a result of Licensee’s installation of any scenery, props, lighting, machinery or other property, material or equipment, shall be done at Licensee’s expense all amounts to be deducted from GWBOR by Licensor. In the event of air conditioning, heat or any other major necessary appliance breaking down, Licensor will have 24 hours to fix such equipment from the time notified. No food or liquid of any kind near light/sound. Licensee may still be required to pay for the full cost of the equipment if found defective due to neglect or misuse. C) CONSTRUCTION & PAINTING There should be no construction or set building done on the premises. Set assembling and minor adjustment are acceptable. D) SMOKING, FIRE & SPECIAL EFFECTS Smoking, open flame or flammable special effect is prohibited in any part of the studios and / or building. 4) LABOR RELATIONS LICENSEE shall not enter into negotiations, request any rulings, determinations or decisions, and shall not appear for any purpose before any agencies, unions, societies, guilds or organizations which may affect or concern LICENSOR, the premises, and/or LICENSEE's production without the knowledge, participation and physical presence of LICENSOR or LICENSOR's representative. Any violation of the provisions of this paragraph by LICENSEE shall automatically terminate this Agreement. 5) COMPLIANCE WITH LAW LICENSOR and LICENSEE, each for itself, agree to comply in all respects with any and all Local, City, State and Federal rules, regulations, ordinances, statutes and laws in connection with the use of the premises. Each further agrees to commit no act which would in any way jeopardize the STUDIO license, and further covenants not to commit any act that in any way violates the rules and regulations of the License Bureau of the City of New York having jurisdiction over the STUDIO. LICENSEE agrees that all of its scenery, equipment and paraphernalia will be fireproofed in accordance with the laws, ordinances and regulations of City, State or Federal governments having jurisdiction, and proper affidavits to that effect shall be submitted to LICENSOR prior to the start of rental period. The STUDIO shall not be used by LICENSEE in such a manner as would be in violation of any law or detrimental to the reputation of the STUDIOS. If any proposed or actual performance shall appear to be in violation of the law or detrimental to the reputation of the STUDIOS, the LICENSOR may, in its discretion, terminate this agreement on an immediate written notice to LICENSEE in which LICENSOR shall specify the objectionable aspect(s) of the proposed or actual performance, provided, however, that such notice of termination shall have no effect if within the five day period such proposed or actual performance shall be withdrawn or appropriately modified. 6) INDEMNITY LICENSEE agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LICENSOR from any and all claims, lawsuits, judgments, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, arising out of LICENSEE's occupancy of the premises herein, and/or out of the rental period, and/or out of any breach by LICENSEE of the obligations, covenants, representations and warranties of LICENSEE in this Agreement. LICENSOR agrees to indemnify and hold harmless LICENSEE from any and all claims, lawsuits, judgments, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, arising out of LICENSOR’S negligence or misconduct, and/or out of any breach by LICENSOR of the obligations, covenants, representations and warranties of LICENSOR in this Agreement. 7) EXCULPATION OF LICENSOR In the event the premises are rendered unsuitable or unavailable for rental period by reason of fire, natural or local calamity, or emergency, or any unforeseen occurrence, lose of lease, or a labor dispute shall render fulfillment of this Agreement by LICENSOR impossible, LICENSOR or LICENSEE may terminate this Agreement. In the event of any cancellation of any performance due to the foregoing, LICENSOR shall not charge LICENSEE for the pro rated amount of the Weekly License Fee and Weekly Service Fee and Additional Weekly Charges with respect to such rental period.
Cancellation Policy 48 hour cancellation policy is in effect. No refunds for cancellations within 48 hours of requested space time.
Open to last minute space requests. true
Booking Requirements Full payment
Rental Personnel On site manager, Maintenance
Performance Personnel -
Payment Types Cash, Check, Credit card
Options -
Other Allowed Activities Percussive footwear, Street shoes, Rosin use, Amplified music

Features EditEdit Features

Space Dimensions 667.0 sqft
Space Features Column-free, Air-conditioned, Heated, Barres, Mirrors, Stage curtains, Uninterrupted wall space, Bathroom with Shower
Technology Cell service, Internet access, WiFi
Flooring Sprung wood, Marley laid
Stage Configuration -
Stage Dimensions 22 ft x 32 ft with 10 ft ceiling
Seating capacity 40
Seating Multi level, Seating risers, Flexible seating

Equipment EditEdit Equipment

Lighting Fluorescent, Natural lighting/windows
Furniture Chairs, Tables, Ladder
Amenities Telephone in space
Instruments and Accessories Electronic keyboard
Audio Equipment Sound system, PA system, Microphone, MP3/auxiliary input, CD player, Amplifier
Video/Film Equipment -
Studio Arts/Maker Equipment -

Accessibility Accessibility_active EditEdit Accessibility

Parking Paid garage/lot parking
Accessibility Escalator, Patron restrooms
Audience Services Restrooms, Lobby
Miscellaneous -

Rates EditEdit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Meeting - - - -
Screening - - - -
Video/Film Shoot - - - -
Performance - - - -
Rehearsal $45 - - -
Special Event $60 - - -
Class $45 - - -
Audition $45 - - -
Photo Shoot $45 - - -
Reading $60 - - -

Non-Profit Rates

Use Hourly Daily Weekly Monthly
Meeting - - - -
Screening - - - -
Video/Film Shoot - - - -
Performance - - - -
Rehearsal $40 - - -
Special Event $55 - - -
Class $40 - - -
Audition $40 - - -
Photo Shoot $40 - - -
Reading $55 - - -

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