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Basement Theater Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2015

    Theater Under St. marks was my home away from home for many years and I love it! A quintessentially East Village black box, it is a great place to test out work and try new performances. Seating for 45 and standing area for more plus its little bar with beer and wine give this intimate performance space a homey feel even to strangers.

    Though the theater is not wheelchair accessible, being downstairs, once inside the space is very negotiable and manageable for the visually impaired and blind. In particular, access to the stage from the tiny green room is level, which provides great comfort! The same can be said about the level stage—the spectators being raised above in tiered seating. For a small theater, they have a great sound system and very nice lighting. Another benefit to producing here is the proximity of the stage to the sound/lighting booth making communication easy.

    Although the theater is located three avenues east of the 6 train at Astor Place, it is still very much in the heart of the East Village. The signage tries its best to be noticeable, but is perhaps overshadowed by the TATTOO sign to the left of the doorway! This is, of course, not a venue that would be thought accessible in the usual sense, and granted the entry steps are a bit treacherous, but for the performer on a budget who would like a supportive staff and management, as well as a very manageable performance and backstage area, Under St marks (as well as its sister theater, Kraine) might still be considered an option for people with certain disabilities, such as visual impairment.

    Accessibility_active This review was written by a disabled artist.

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