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Hyb Creative Lab Reviews

  • Oct 13, 2015

    A spacious studio in the heart of Bushwick, Brooklyn, this converted warehouse is most often used as a rehearsal space by aerial performers but is available for hourly rental at a sliding rate – perfect for performances or other types of events. Hybrid is about two blocks away from the Wilson stop on the L train, on Moffat Street, some of which is uneven or unpaved with lots of loose rocks near the entrance. The space is unmarked and may be difficult to spot for someone with low vision. To enter, go to the door marked “338” and ring studio 1D from the buzzer to the right of the door, and a staff member will let you in.

    There’s about a 2-inch step up into the building, and the space is on the first floor, just down the hallway and to the right of the entrance. The space has are two large restrooms with plenty of room to maneuver most wheelchairs, though each restroom’s entrance has a 2-inch threshold. The door handles are levers, which makes things easier for people with limited hand mobility.

    Technical elements such as sound & lighting are located on a lofted platform inside the space, up a winding staircase with no elevator, but the staff are very friendly and happy to accommodate a variety of needs. There’s a wall on the ground floor that can be moved to create a makeshift dressing room, should you want one. 

    Accessibility_active This review was written by a disabled artist.

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