Uncanny Valley

147 Manhattan Avenue, corner, Brooklyn , NY, 11206

Uncanny Valley is a parlor for performances, rehearsals and secret meetings. Here are some things the Uncanny Valley is well suited for:

theater rehearsals
art shows
poetry readings
performances: theater, visual art, music.

We rent space for rehearsals and public events.
Rental Rates:
Rehearsals: 18/hr
Classes/auditions/community meetings: 35/hr
Public performances/readings/art shows/shoots: 160/ day

We also program a season of public performance events, please email a proposal if you are interested in being included in our season. More info will be available at http://www.normandysherwood.com/#/uncanny-valley/

We have a sound system (mixer X speakers and assorted cables), a small projection screen, a variety of soft goods, small kitchen area.

Located on a lively corner in Williamsburg, our "public living room" is 20' x 25'

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