Fractured Atlas
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87 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11217

Backdrop is an artist community and event space focusing on a rotating, exhibiting artist schedule. We serve as a multipurpose venue for artists and musicians to showcase their work, perform and collaborate with other artists and musicians. From private events to live music performances to visual art exhibits, Backdrop is here to help fulfill all your creative needs.

Founded in early 2015, Backdrop was born out of a desire to be able to constantly create and to facilitate collaboration between the incredibly diverse artists and musicians of New York City. Our foundation is built upon years of experience in creation and promotion. The common goal is to provide a space where artists of all backgrounds can create multifaceted projects. With experience in videography and editing as well as event management and production, this space is able to offer a holistic, all inclusive atmosphere for multimedia projects. We invite locals as well as artists from around the world to come be a part of this growing project.

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