Fractured Atlas
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unit 108 yoga

760 5th ave 2nd fl, unit 108 y, unit 108 yoga, Brooklyn, NY, 11232

Our space is a cozy neighborhood yoga studio. We are located on the second floor in front of the iconic Greenwood Cemetery. It's an open space with bamboo floors, natural light during the day and it has a nice view on the cemetery.

We are more spiritually oriented, rather than being a fitness place, so there's quite a bit of artifacts around related to yoga, meditation, Hinduism and Buddhism. That includes a large Tibetan OM on the wall and a makeshift altar to Saraswati.

As you can expect no shoes are allowed and there are no chairs whatsoever to sit on. The owner is a photographer so there are some random apple boxes around, and obviously yoga props like bolsters, blankets and blocks.

Rates vary depending on how the space is used and how many people are involved (a workshop with 30 attendees would be priced differently compared to 2 people doing dance rehearsal). Contact us with specific requirements for accurate rates.

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