Fractured Atlas
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Moving For Life, Inc.

55 Avenue C, storefront, New York, NY, 10009

Studio 55C is located near 4th Street and Avenue C in the East Village. Our iconic neighborhood is filled with charming gardens, popular restaurants and cultural institutions matching our relaxed and spirited space for movement, awareness and the arts. Wheelchair accessible storefront, rooms with high ceilings suited for two gallery areas. 46x24 studio has sprung floor, wall of mirrors, barres and some yoga props. We invite organizations, artists and educators who are leaders in movement, creative and healing arts to partner with us. Studio 55C values art and education that builds compassion across communities. Current offerings at Studio55C include our varying branches of expertise: yoga, dance improvisation, Moving For Life, BodyMind Dancing, somatic movement workshops, Nia Technique and conscious fitness & more. We love having art openings, book talks, lectures, screenings, rehearsals, film shoots and auditions as well as classes.

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